I just had a first-hand experience of how people with less followers get discriminated. With my new blogs, it’s like starting to blog from scratch, it’s nothing compared to the blogging experience that I have now with this blog.

People with less than 1k followers get ignored most of the time. If they ask those tumblr famous to check their blogs, they most likely get ignored. When they reblog a promo, their chances of getting picked is little. People tend to worship those who have 10k+, 20k+, 30k+ and higher, they get all the attention.

People (including me) say that Tumblr is not about followers, but to others it’s more than that. Others are ashamed if they have less than 1k followers, or even less than 5k. Their mind sets are to gain and gain and gain followers.

Tumblr now is a popularity contest, people tend to impress rather than to impress.

I don’t know what has happened to the Tumblr that I used to know.

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